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If you have requested membership and I haven't approved you, or if you intend to join and don't get approved, it's more than likely because you have a journal which was created within the last few months. I will not add new LJ's unless you can prove to me that you have been previously active within LJ, whether that be through an old LJ you had, or some other way. If you can prove who you are and that in fact you are pregnant, I will add you.

I take this approach to adding members because I wish to keep this community a safe place, one free of 'fakers' and picture thieves. I apologize if this offends you, but the safety of my members and their pictures/stories is something I take seriously.

If you want to join the community and wish to speak to me directly, you can contact me the following ways -

AIM - imbroglio1976
Yahoo - imbroglio76
Click here and email me.

Or you can reply to this post.